Big Breakthrough – New Program Is Here

Stay tuned for a big announcement coming in the next couple of days!

I have reached the culmination of over 40 years of research and exploration to develop this work.

It is finally at the level I have envisioned for it all those years.

And, it is really happening in the lives of students, in their real lives.

More on this very soon. Right now I am developing this new website design in order to present the new work effectively.

Talk with you soon.


Bliss From Appreciation

I have been creating recorded inductions like crazy in the last week or so, and they have opened me up so much, and from what I hear from others, have opened up others a lot also. This not only means that I have opened up in my experience, which is the main purpose. But it also means that making these inductions has itself been a process of discovering what I … Continue reading →

New Inductions

I just started a new series of induction talks. These talks take you to the next deeper level. The first level was bringing you into the experience and realization of embodied unboundedness. This level is deeper and more intricate, and takes you into the far reaches of transforming self into Transcendent Self. This is the place where self-contraction happens, and that is the root cause of all sense of pain, … Continue reading →

The End Of Self-Contraction (Update)

I’ve finally really hit the core of all self-contraction. I am right now for the first time in my life seeing/sensing/feeling a deep, big turnaround in me from a deep grinding violent self-hatred to sweet bright opening self-delight. What I am experiencing in this is simply the most amazing of the breakthroughs that I have ever had, and which I could ever pass along to anyone. I had been SO … Continue reading →

The Key To Repatterning

Repatterning is a method in physical therapy and in some behavioral methods that is a much more effective approach than traditional methods. It typically gets much faster and easier results. In many cases it gets results where other more traditional methods totally fail. The reason for this success is that repatterning is an indirect approach that does not push up against the resistences of old patterns. And therefore old patterns … Continue reading →

Real Non-Duality

(NOTE – This post builds on the two previous posts. It will make more sense if you read those two posts first.) Pop-culture “non-duality” is just a wholesale denial of the greater part of existence, i.e body, life and self. Real wholeness is all-inclusive acceptance and higher-level integration of all of existence and all of experiencing, not denying that it exists and dissociating from it. Not by denying that self … Continue reading →

Spiritual Revolution

Here’s a response to yesterday’s post from a reader: “OK, so here is what I understand from your explanations: 1.  Depth psychology has understood the reasons for suffering but is lacking transcendent awareness as the asset for healing, it uses aspects of the human experience that are themselves not free from Trauma.  Pure awareness is the only aspect of your existence that is outside of Trauma and therefore the only … Continue reading →

Where This Is Now

Here’s an update. Not much reporting for a while because things have been brewing under the surface. But here’s something new, and I may start teaching again soon based on this. More and more it has been for me just an exploration of my own experience as it happens to me, and I have had to let go of all traditions and old notions even from myself of what it … Continue reading →