Infinite Unending Blissful Peace
That You Feel Deeply In Your Whole Being

(body, mind, emotions, sensations, self, world, everything you experience and do – not just in your mind and consciousness)

Freeing You Up To Have Lasting “Peak State” Levels Of Happiness, Effectiveness And Spontaneous Easy-Flow Living

This Is Done FOR You
Through Direct Vibrational Transmissions And Direct Inner Vibrational Adjustments

(something like how vibrational healing works)

Over Forty Years Of Deep Extensive Research Into Very Advanced Alternative Methods of Body-Work Repatterning, Vibrational Healing and Depth Psychology, As Well As Practices In Consciousness Expansion, Meditation, “Enlightenment” Teachings And Personal Growth Has Made Possible Fast Easy Personal Growth Breakthroughs Into This Whole New Level Of Living That Weren’t Possible Before – Because The Means Of Imparting This, Coming Out Of These, is A Brand New Breakthrough Development. This Means That For The First Time Ever You Can Have This Brand New Breakthrough Level Of Living Easily And Quickly.

>>>I am currently taking new students. Email me: info at blissofpeace.com

See right below here for one student’s experience of this, that will make it more tangible and real for you. It is an interview on mp3 that takes about 50 minutes, and it will give you a vision of what is really possible in real life.

Real-Life Report Of The Awakening Experience

Sept. 11, 2014

EllaMThe Bliss Of Peace Awakening experience and realization has characteristic of both advanced self-actualization and of what has been called “enlightenment.” Students in the Bliss Of Peace Realization program are now experiencing this. Here is an interview I just did with a student, Dr. Ella MacDonald, about her experiences from the program. She was so generous and open in her sharing that this interview will give you a better vision of what it is like to actually live the Bliss Of Peace in real everyday life. Listen to her real life experiences and how the Bliss Of Peace Awakening beautifully unfolds so spontaneously and effortlessly.

Download the interview here. (Right-click to download.)

Here is some of what Ella said in this interview:

I really feel blessed to have been introduced to David and the process that he has so diligently come to share . . . and I am so grateful.

I feel like I’m at a new level of functioning as a human being than I’ve ever had in my life, with ongoing stability. I’m a different human being than I was back in May [when I started the program.]

I’m functioning at a higher level of being human, where before I didn’t even want to be involved with the human race.

I feel more engaged in my life. My tolerance level of other people has shifted dramatically. Now I enjoy being around other people, going out into the world, I’m enjoying my students.

I was struggling quite a bit but life is going along really well now. Now when I wake up in the morning I’m good – I’m good to go.

Since I started this process my creativity has kicked in.

This process has allowed me to access my own innate self, my own divinity, my own Source. I feel connected to the Source for the first time. I feel a sense of wholeness.

People who know me have said that whenever they get around me they feel peaceful . . . and that’s pretty amazing!

My whole life I felt this was in me, but I traveled the whole world – I traveled, studied, visited healers, teachers, herbalists. I was not able to access it until I found this Bliss Of Peace.

When I started listening to the downloads [the free inductions on the website] I started picking up energy and feeling better almost immediately.

My body started having more energy. It was like I had been unplugged, and by working with David I got plugged back into the Source of our bio-chemistry. I was having body pain – all that went away.

I’ve reached a new plateau of energy and clarity. And life has taken on a different way of perceiving it through this new awareness.

Dr. Ella MacDonald,
Co-Founder, StressAce Yoga

New Silent Induction (August 1, 2014)

Download the Radiant Transcendent Happiness Silent Induction here. (Right-click to download.)

This supersedes all other silent inductions on this site. It is almost the complete awakening into the absolute blissful happiness that automatically and totally wipes away all lower patterns and pulls – it just needs a little more fulness and power. But the essence of it is there.

Announcement (July 8, 2014)

I have been quietly working with a small group of students over the last few months, and the results are very very satisfying. So much so, that I feel that I need to change the whole emphasis of this website and the message about what I am teaching.

Students are experiencing tangible bliss rushes and flows in their daily lives, that are spontaneously washing away old patterns of pain, suffering and dysfunction on all levels.

I too am now coming from a totally different place than ever before. The emergence of this tangible bliss in daily life is changing all of us profoundly. It just feels so totally different – not just inside, but living it in real life, in real situations, with other people, in the flow of actions. The breakthrough to real profound change that is a tangible experience in daily life, has been my goal for decades. And now it is happening, and I am able to “transmit” it, students are experiencing that in real life, in activity, not just in some kind of meditative state.

And so, on the basis of this, I will soon be reworking the entire message of all this and the presentation of it here. There is so much that is abstract and conceptual here, and that is no longer the case with this work in any way. It is now totally in the flow of actual experiencing of actual people in real life. That is all I ever wanted to achieve with this, and now it is happening.

I will start on that re-tooling soon. But for now, if anyone reading this feels a resonance with this, please get in touch with me to get in on this. I have a few openings for new students now. So, if you don’t need proof and convincing, contact me and we will discuss if this is right for you at this time. Believe me, everything I have been projecting and predicting about this over the last few months is coming through now – not just in me but in students (some of whom have never felt anything like this ever before.)

The actual experience is just as the headline above says:

The Peace, Bliss And Power Of The Transcendent Self (God) In Your Whole Being – So Tangible And Real That You Feel It In Your Entire Body, Emotions, Mind, Self, All Of You And All Of Your World.

The Programs That I Am Now Offering

I’ve designed these programs to provide you with the maximum momentum and re-enforcement for the process to actually work to get you solidly to the higher level, and also to accommodate the unique needs of different individuals. Please consult me to discuss your options, and I will help you determine what is best for you, based on your own inner guidance. (This personal one-on-one guidance is a paid service. The free courses are also still available, if you want to choose a less intensive and necessarily less effective way to go.)

I. Initial Intensive Program – 10 Weeks

This is the only program available for initial entry.

1. 10 one-on-one sessions (about one hour each, via phone or Skype) over 10 weeks, each of which is a dynamic interactive verbal induction (vibrational transmission and adjustment) as well as personal guidance in the process (see #2 for more on this.)
2. Guidance, counseling and coaching during the one-on-one sessions in adjusting to the new higher level of experience and living, while letting go of old ways and old lower-level control mechanisms.
3. Personal one-on-one transmitted remote vibrational inductions/adjustments every day during the time period, where I boost the vibrational effects for you every day to gain maximum forward momentum.
4. Guidance on best using the recorded material on the site for your individual needs.
5. Induction recordings just for you according to where you are at the time. These will be weekly or more often if called for.
6. Constant 24/7 “radionic” transmission/induction during the time period.
7. Email support between sessions as needed.
8. Weekly group induction and sharing sessions via Skype. (These are recorded, and sent to you. They act as a high-level re-enforcement multi-dimensional verbal inductions. There is a also growing archive of these recordings to add to the reinforcement effect.)

Renewal Plans

(after Initial Program is completed and you still need to gain momentum):

II. 10-Week renewal – includes all of the above, for 10 weeks.

III. 5-Week renewal – includes all of the above, for 5 weeks.

IV. The “Lite” Program (maintenance, after initial momentum is solidly gained.)

1. Two months, renewable every two months, as needed. (And you can go back to the more intensive programs if desired later.)
2. One phone session each month, which is a dynamic interactive verbal induction as in the full intensive program.
3. Email support between sessions as needed.
4. Transmitted remote vibrational inductions/adjustments every day during the time period, in a group (not individually, as in the intensive programs.)
5. Phone session guidance counseling and coaching in adjusting to the new higher level of experience and living.
6. Guidance on best using the recorded material on the site for individual needs.
7. One Induction recording each month, just for you according to where you are at the time of our monthly phone session
8. Constant “radionic” transmission/induction during the time period.
9. Weekly group induction and sharing sessions during the two month period. (These are recorded, and sent to you. They act as a high-level re-enforcement multi-dimensional verbal inductions.)


Real-World Whole-Being



And Advanced Self-Actualization

Concrete Tangible Whole-Being Experience And Realization Of

A Whole New Higher Level of Living (BOTH Enlightenment AND Advanced Self-Actualization)

1. Unbounded Pure Awareness (Infinite Freedom – The Only TRUE Freedom)

2. Universal Higher Intuitive Intelligence (Unlimited Possibilities, Natural Genius, Higher Peak Abilities)

3. Ecstatic Streaming Whole-Body Blissful Pleasure (The ONLY Experience That Frees You From All Pain And Suffering)

All Of This Done FOR You Through

Inductions (Direct Vibrational Transmissions And Inner Vibrational Adjustments)

(Go here to get an idea of what Advanced Transcendent Self-Actualization is like. Read the article and points half way down the page, about what the author calls “transcenders.”.)

A Whole New Level Of Human Development (April 20)

I have been working with a new small group of students for the last few weeks, and this stuff is really working – an entirely new level from what I was conveying earlier. This is really the next level of human development that I have been writing and talking about for years. This is really happening now in real life. When I get more results from students to report I’ll be announcing the public availability of my new program for “the direct transmission of enlightenment, awakening and advanced transcendent self-actualization” in real life in the real world. Coming Soon!!!!

(NOTE – if you already know you want my personal guidance program, I am still taking a limited number of new students. So just contact me about it. If you aren’t sure, I’ll be providing details about it to help you make a decision soon.)

Unwinding Self-Contraction (April 3)

What a discovery! The perception of solidity that we all have of our bodies comes only from tension. We may not recognize it as tension because we believe in bodily solidity and feel our bodies as solid, not necessarily tense. But the release of that reveals it to be tension. This tension is dissolving in me, and along with it my sense of bodily solidity. That’s the newest discovery. This is really happening – a tangible physical bodily release of global bodily tension.

In the Bliss Of Peace realization your sensation of your whole body goes from being that of solidity rooted in tension to quiet bliss (bliss of peace) within the unboundedness of pure awareness. This is just as tangible as the sensation of  solidity, but there is no tension, no contraction.

Along with this unwinding of the usual global bodily tension (self-contraction) goes all sense of limitation. You feel tangibly light, free and unbounded. Ecstatic Bliss and Light streams through the bodily form that once seemed like a solid object. You still feel and sense your body, but in an entirely new way. In fact, you feel your body more, because there are no more blockages created by tension and pain. What you feel more is blissful ecstasy and light, along with a sense of freeness that comes from tangible unboundedness.

It is an entirely different sense of  self in an entirely new perception of existence, world and life!

If you want this release from self-contraction and limitation in life, as well as all the other things I have been describing here as they unfold, I am taking new enrollments in my personal guidance program. Contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone or over the web, to explore together whether this program is right for you.

Geyser Of Ecstasy (March 28)

This is the “rocket ship blast-off” I talked about below, that is beyond the “whole brain bliss explosion – that takes the bliss of peace into actual real tangible daily life fully!

The lid comes off your head (bliss-dulling emotional inhibition) that has held the flow of bodily ecstasy from coming through, and you just burst out in a spontaneous fountain of gushing bliss.

Irrepressible ecstatic happiness!!

I used to not smile very much. I actually couldn’t, I was so tense and uptight. Well, that went away a long while ago, but not totally. Today I found myself standing in the checkout line of the supermarket totally beaming at the checkout lady, smiling right into her eyes. For no reason, it was just coming out of me beyond my control. A geyser of ecstasy just spontaneously welling up and coming through – a fountain of soft sweet flowing pleasure I couldn’t hold back (and wouldn’t want to.)

This is what I want for you! This is what I have been waiting to be able to give to you. (I told you that waiting for this would be worth it.)

Spontaneously flowing ecstatic pleasure and happiness in ordinary everyday life!

That is real and full awakening that includes your whole being, not just your inner consciousness! NO detachment, NO denial of life or world, like in Eastern teachings. NO pain and suffering, NO boundaries, NO sense of limitations, NO worries or fears, No mental chatter! FULL engagement in life, FULL feeling all through yourself, FULL love-feeling connections with other people – as in the highest reaches of Western psychological self-actualization!

I’ll be announcing the new guidance program in the next few days. There will be a video and a page explaining what it is.

I am already taking new students – so if you are already sure that you want this even before I give the details just email me (info at blissofpeace.com) or set up an appointment to talk with me (see Contact at the bottom right of the page.)

March 26 – Bodily Bliss Of Peace!

The entire bodily form becomes soft streaming tangible bliss in unbounded pure awareness. That’s your new experience of your body and bodily sensations! Body doesn’t disappear into no-thing-ness. It’s “thing-ness” is soft streaming bliss in the pure no-thing-ness, replacing the former contracted bliss-numb body perceived as a solid statue-like object. The full experience is still unfolding in me. New report soon. Obviously, the new program is coming soon because this completes the promised breakthrough.

Update (March 24, 2014)

See below, under the video.

Update (March 21, 2014)

This is a personal message to you. I am finding that video inductions are even more powerful and fuller than spoken inductions. This video is a message on the progress of the new program but it is also a direct and powerful induction. It is about 20 minutes long. Please take the time to let it move into you and through you, and you will be in a better and freer place. If you can, watch it in full screen.

The Great Easing

(Update To The Above Video – March 24, 2014)

The physical level transformation I talked about on the above video is working well, and I will make a silent induction into it available as soon as it is strong enough and clear enough in me to get it across on a recording effectively.

This new, deeper, level gives you the same kind of evenness of unbounded pure awareness in and throughout your body and bodily sensations, that I talked about having in mind and emotions. This bodily level is where unconscious triggers to automatic behavior are located (the “seeds of karma.”) It is the crux of what has been called “self-contraction,” which is the root of all suffering and pain and sense of limitations (vs. unbounded freedom, which is the real potential of life.)

The experience is what I would like to call “the great easing” because it feels like your whole body and self just simply lets down into an infinite pool of ease and comfort. And that is what lets the bliss of peace stream totally through your whole being in every aspect of your outward life and actions, beyond just being in your inward subjective experience.

I’ll describe that fully in the next video.

Almost Here Now (March 19, 2014)

The last update was about being lit up all over. What is developing is way beyond that. I am starting to feel soft sweet melting into bodily ecstatic pleasure all over. That is the real revelation in all this.

What people have called “enlightenment” or awakening is in consciousness only. This new experience is your whole being – including your actual tangible bodily sensations! Getting to this has been my vision all along. The latest breakthrough has taken me 127 versions of programming, amounting to 72 pages of  scripting, and 1297 versions of the basic silent induction. You won’t have to go through any of that. I’ll be just giving you the results: Sweet melting ecstatic blissful pleasure in your whole body/your whole being, not just in inner consciousness!

Bodily realization of the bliss of peace is the key to actually living it in your everyday life. And that changes absolutely everything about your life and your experience of self, life and  world.

I’m holding out for the totality of this because it is so spectacular and such a breakthrough beyond anything known so far in personal development or “spiritual” practices. (This, as I say, is beyond merely in consciousness, i.e beyond what people call “spiritual!”) This is not an exaggeration. At least as far as I know, having seen just about everything in this field in over 45 years of searching and experimenting and researching. Is anyone else bringing you to the embodiment and actual real-world living of transcendent ecstatic bliss in everyday life – so thoroughly and completely that you feel all this in your actual, tangible bodily sensations coursing through your whole body?

I know this has taken longer than I said it would when I first announced a breakthrough was coming. But just consider how big this is. It is totally worthwhile taking the time to bring it through fully and completely! It has taken more time because bodily integration is a tough nut to crack. But it is nearly done, and you will have that soon!

I feel really humbled to have to say this. If anyone can help me pay my rent and bills this month I’d really appreciate it. I really want to bring this new breakthrough out, but I’ll be out on the streets next month if I can’t sustain myself financially until this is completed. (There’s a Paypal donation button down the page.)

I hope you can appreciate that I haven’t tried to sell you anything, and that I have not tried to bring out anything before it is absolutely totally ready and fully the breakthrough I’ve promised. All this has been at the sacrifice of my financial well-being, but entirely worth it. But I won’t be able to bring this out if I can’t make it another month. After that I think this will be self-sustaining from people who want a higher and more focused level of personal attention, which I will be offering for a fee. Still, most of this will be available free here through the courses I will be developing.

Thanks for your patience in this process. And a really big thanks to those who have helped me financially, and continue to do so, in order to bring this out in the right way without stooping to try and sell an inferior offering. For me this is a mission not a business to make money. You are helping “pay it forward” to those (including yourselves) who will benefit in the future from this breakthrough being fully and thoroughly brought through to the fullest of my vision for it.


The Mini Advanced Course (March 12, 2014)

Here are two new inductions – one silent and the other speaking.


The previous silent induction was rocket ignition. This new one is blast off.

The previous silent induction was lighting up your head. This new one will blow it to pieces (in a good way! I.E. blow the lower-level ego-control restrictions to pieces.)

I wasn’t sure about this one until I started to use it, and it started to blow me away! I’m lit up like a Christmas tree. I think you will be also.

So I decided to release it sooner than later, without a lot of testing. (That is why it is still labeled as a “beta” release.)

Download the Whole-Being Bliss Explosion Silent Induction here. (Right-click to download.)


To make the adjustments and further activations that bring this into actual tangible real life, here is a speaking induction that I recorded to go along with that. Download that new speaking induction here. (Right-click to download.)

Alternate these two inductions for the best effect. You can play the silent induction (or even the speaking induction) constantly on endless loop if you want to. You can even play them both together at once if you have the equipment to do that.

ALSO NOTE – This mini course will also be the activating factor for the Prosperity Course. Your bliss Radiance is the prosperity creator and the money creator. You will have more of that now, especially if you use the Prosperity Course along with this course. (ALL of this is for real life in the real world – you’ll find it happening more now!)

The Prosperity Course is here.

New Program Here Soon

March 1, 2014

Here’s what it will be –

I get on the phone with you and guide you into an experience of wild giddy ecstatic pleasure in your brain that blows all sense of limitation, pain and suffering right out of you, right out of your whole body, your whole being, your entire experience of life.

I then repeat that with you over time until it is permanent in you. I do this both on the phone and every day by remote vibrational “transmission” (meaning, I send that energy to you psychically.)

Additionally, I will create both silent induction recordings and verbal induction recordings just for you, based on your specific needs at the time.

On the phone I also guide you in the inevitable transition to an entirely new higher-level life that this naturally brings about in you. I do this based on what you tell me, and on my psychic perceptions, and by giving you personal individualized guidance in the use of the online courses and inductions that I have provided to everyone.

I will make an announcement opening this up soon, and what the price for it will be. But if you know right now that you are interested in this, please email me now and we can get on the phone and talk about it, what you need, and if it will be right for you at this time. (My email address is info at blissofpeace.com)

Transcendent Ecstatic Blissful Living

(NEW – Feb. 28, 2014)

The next stage of induction will be that. Look down the page for the last induction I uploaded just the other day – the Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion. That induction releases the ego-control mechanism that keeps you from totally and fully living Bliss and Freedom and real Peace in your whole body and in all circumstances of your everyday life in the real world. I said that that induction is just a beta release. That is the story of it. Brain Bliss Explosion is only the entry into Total Bliss Living. That new induction is coming very soon, as it is happening in me. When I get it strong and clear enough to get it recorded I will upload that right away. So keep checking back here for that. It will be bliss explosion in your whole being and in your whole life – that literally and tangible transforms everything totally!!

It is not just the inner realization of the Bliss Of Peace any more but that in your whole body, whole being, entire world. That takes the inner realization into being an entirely new level and dimension of living – Transcendent Ecstatic Blissful Living!

The new free Advanced Course and the new personal guidance and induction program for this new level are coming very soon now. The breakthrough to that has finally happened (see below.) It is exploding in me, and coming out for you. So stay tuned, and keep looking back here for announcements.

See below for the latest free induction experiences and the new Prosperity Course that I recently created.

New – Feb. 27, 2014

Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion

The Breakthrough Experience Is Here (Silent Induction, beta version.) This is the first, preliminary version, but I want you to have it now. This will get more powerful and effective in the next few days, and I will upload the improved version then. So now – coming soon is the advanced course and individual one-on-one sessions for maximum effectiveness beyond what any recordings can give.

Download the Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion Silent Induction here. (Right-click to download.)

Feedback on this has been immediate and very positive. And please note – this is just the preliminary, “lite,” version of this induction, not the full power of it yet. Here’s what one person wrote to me about this induction:

That was incredibly powerful! That really is whole body brain bliss -pleasure. Unbelievable but real.

I have no idea how you can transmit this electronically but you did. I’ve got to go but wanted to give you immediate feedback.

Thank you for sharing this amazing gift.

And here’s another report on this:

Your latest induction is alone worth more then all years and expenditures on college philosophy courses, as well as the endless days involved with the myriad meditation and new age growth programs.

(NOTE – use the silent inductions I provide along with the verbal inductions in the Basic Course and in the Prosperity Course. The silent inductions are the core realization experience, but the verbal inductions are what dynamically adjust your whole body-mind into alignment with the core realization.)

The breakthrough is that the Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion gets the full realization and the transformation needed to align your whole being to it, in one “ping.” What I’ve been exploring for the last two years is how to effectively get the surrender of grasping ego control that is necessary for the Bliss Of Peace to become total and to completely take over your life and world. The solution is a swamping of the control mechanisms in the ego-brain with overwhelming ecstatic bliss pleasure that is so seductive that ego control just simply swoons into surrender – like falling in love. This swooning into bliss, then, does not encounter the characteristic deadly resistances that the lower-level ego-control clings to for survival.

This swamping has to be very fast and very efficient or the old ways pull you back. So, the Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion that I discovered is the most efficient way, and perhaps the only effective way, because so much in the old world and in the old lower levels pulls you back. Getting there fast – right away – gets you clear of those  old ways so that they are totally gone fast. The bliss explosion just simply wipes them out in one big flash. (It is one “ping” but in most cases needs to be repeated over and over again in order to “take.” AND – the very best way, the fastest, most powerful and effective, is direct personal one-on-one induction. I will be making that available soon.)

Note – this builds on the previous silent induction posted here (below) and on the basic course. So, if you don’t experience much from this you might have to build up to it from those. (Building up to it is only the case for the free DIY method. My one-one-one personal inductions, adjustments and guidance take you there right away in the most powerful, effective way that is more sure not to encounter ego-control resistances or lower-level pull-backs.)

Fully Living The Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion

The total realization and fulfillment of this comes when you bring it into the real world of your everyday life. Then it totally and completely transforms all of you and everything in your world into higher-level living that totally leaves all the limitations, pains and suffering of the old lower levels behind.

To help you make this transition I have created a course specifically aimed at just that. When I first asked for you help I promised you this. Now you can see how it fits right in with the BOP realization. It is about spontaneous prosperity in all areas of your life and world, and financial prosperity specifically. It really becomes easy and effortless when you’ve had your brain exploded into the higher levels.

The Prosperity Course I promised is here.

When you prosper financially from this realization and this course, please consider giving back a little more to me financially to help me get this teaching off the ground and reaching a lot more people with it. In this Prosperity course you’ll learn how giving increases prosperity for all, and most especially yourself. I am giving massively here, and will be giving even more massively with the advanced course and the fully powered Whole-Brain Bliss Of Peace Explosion that is coming soon. So, please consider giving something back if you are moved to do so. I could still use some more financial support right now for the transition into reaching out more and starting the one-on-one sessions program again. I have not had any income while I’ve been developing this, and it has taken longer than I expected. But, as you can see, it is paying off, and the delay has meant that I got to that something extraordinary that I was aiming for.

Please scroll down this page and donate to help keep this going. How much is unbounded bliss in your real-world everyday life worth to you? But don’t at all feel obligated. Experience the bliss explosion, go through the basic course and the prosperity course – all yours free for the taking. That’s all I really want. But I want it for more people than I can currently reach with the resources I have. So, if you are moved, please consider helping me out with this. Be skeptical if you are so inclined. Do the courses first. Find out if you get benefits and results. If and when you do you’ll know that giving is a blessing for everyone, and we all rise in prosperity together by mutual sharing and giving.

In any case, may these experiences and courses be a transcendent blessing to you in every way in all areas or your life.

Feb. 3, 2014

I am just now putting the finishing touches on the new breakthrough. It is the culmination of work I started around 1966 and dedicated myself to in 1970. It has literally taken this long to achieve because it is a huge achievement.

Many people have told me that the inductions and talks here have been life-changing. These are only the light introductory phase of the whole thing. The programming for the next phase is twice as long and a lot more complex. Additionally, it has take me over 1000 steps of incremental silent inductions to get myself there. (You won’t have to go through all that, but just to let you know how extensive this thing is. I found that getting there is literally as complex and demanding as an Apollo moon landing. It is like rocket science! Extremely advanced in this field – way beyond just about anything that I personally know about.)

The first phase was a kind of practical experiential metaphysics. This next phase is a practical experiential meta-psycho-physiology. It goes to real depth of your entire being and is at least 100 times more powerful. But the first phase is a needed preparation for most people.

So stay tuned. This is coming out soon. My laboratory is my own psycho-physiology, so that is what is taking time, but that is transforming according to the projection for the expected high-level breakthrough. I’ll be able to bring just about anyone there too when I get there, because I know every little incremental step of the way, and can bring all that to bear holistically rather than incrementally like I had to do it.

I have just a little way to go. Psychically I see a huge explosion of light, awareness and blissful ecstasy. This is already happening, but I want it to be fully embodied in real life in the body and self, not just in consciousness and feelings.

Most of this breakthrough will be provided to you free here just like the previous stage. It will be much much deeper and at least twice as much material, and with the greater power that comes from that depth and the new level of working as ecstatic connected speaking in/from transcendent bliss awareness. And if you want to go deeper and quicker I’ll be providing one on one personal inductions, inner adjustments and guidance, as a paid service.

Please look down further on this page. I still need a little financial help to keep on going until I get totally through this and can bring it out to you fully. So, please help some more if you can.


Really Stunning Higher-Level Self-Actualization Breakthroughs Are Now Possible That Were Never Possible Before. This Is Because Over 45 Years Of Deep Experiential Research And Development Have Led Me To Discover Entirely New Ways Of Doing Things That Completely Replace All The Old Ways.

What Really Makes The Crucial Difference Is That My New Way Focuses On Getting You Dynamic Realization Experiences Where You Really Live – In Your Bodily Physiology, Your Deep Psychology And Your Dynamic Unconscious Primal Feelings.

What I Found Is That Focusing Entirely On This Opened Up Huge Vistas Of Possibilities That Were Not Available Before. This Is Because All The Old Ways (i.e. “Spiritual” Teachings) Are Abstract And Mystical – Just The Opposite Of The Deep Psychological Physiological Approach That Really Works!

By Leaving All That Behind,The New Focus I’ve Developed Is Able To Take You Right Away (without any of the symbolism, abstractions, belief systems, rituals, etc. of the old ways) Into Possibilities Of Breakthrough Transformational Experiences That All The Old Ways Mistakenly Make Seem Difficult Or Impossible Because They Are Not Focusing In The Right Place In A Way That Really Works.

I Am Now Able To Get You To Stunning Breakthroughs Quickly Simply Because Of That Crucial Shift In Focus. It Is a Profound Shift That Makes All The Difference In The World – Somewhat Like The Shift From Middle Ages Superstitions About The World To Renaissance Science That Has Created All The Advances Of The Modern World. We Are Now Able To Leave Behind The Old Superstitions In The Field Of Personal Growth And Move On To New Worlds Of Possibilities In Self-Actualization And Self-Fulfillment.

(This new approach is a very advanced version of what I first introduced here and earlier here.)

December 16, 2013

I am on the verge of making the big breakthrough to truly free living and life in bliss – in mind, emotions, spirit, self, body, world, EVERYTHING – that this has always been all  about. I have found the deep inner control mechanism in the unconscious that keeps us all from fully letting go into true infinite freedom and limitless ecstatic bliss in real life. And I am finding how to release that effectively. Very many very large openings have been happening lately, and this is the one that tops them all. And it is in the works, ready to open up just as the others have. The same dynamics are in play, and that is why I am so sure that this one is on the way out too.


You directly and tangibly experience that EVERYTHING is  Bliss-Radiance of Pure Transcendent Silence/Emptiness!

Here’s a recorded silent induction of that experience:

Download that here. (Right-click to download.)

Just play it repeatedly (can be on auto-repeat.) It is a silent vibrational transmission, so you won’t hear anything. It is just the vibration of it getting sent to you.

Here’s what one person reported using this induction:

WOW !  I just played it and all sense of a me disappeared into an effulgent light with no boundaries. Blissful quiet. My dogs came into the room and just wanted me to hold them.It’s been about 15 minutes of such blissful ecstasy. All one could want.

NOTE – the full realization, described below, is even beyond this. It is when that transcendent ecstatic bliss fully infuses in and throughout your whole body and personal self in all outward activity. The silent induction for that is coming soon, when I get it perfected enough to be maximally effective.

The coming recorded speaking inductions and personal guidance program will adjust your whole body and whole being into full alignment with this, for quicker, deeper realization in actual daily living (which is the real aim of all this.)

(I am making this and a huge amount of other inductions available free for everyone (See the Inductions link on the top menu for the rest of that.) But I need your help in bringing this work through and getting it out. Please read down the page through this entire section, and help if you can, especially if you are helped by any of this or value this work. Thanks.)

That is not just an inner realization like a meditative or altered state but includes everything in your experience and world. That’s the breakthrough – that it includes everything! That means that even your body is Bliss-Radiance of Pure Transcendent Silence/Emptiness! There is nothing but THAT! There is nothing that is not THAT! And all appearances, all experiences,  your body, your bodily feeling, your mind, your emotions, your self, your actions, everything – are tangibly sensed and felt as that. This is a tangible bodily-emotional-psychological EXPERIENCE that you have in real life in the real world – and it changes EVERYTHING!!! That is where ultimate freedom and unlimited bliss come from.

This is not some kind of detached “witnessing” of your experiences, which is an altered, dissociated state, and not good (contrary to what most “spiritual ” teachings tell you.) It is right in all your experiences, and thereby highly integrative of your whole being into greater wholeness and higher functioning in real life.  Most tellingly, it is right in your body – your actual tangible experiences of your muscles, your bodily organs, your blood, your skin, all your bodily sensations and feelings of these – transcendent silence and emptiness along with ecstatic bliss-radiance, right in your body – and in everything else, in one continuous Wholeness, making for one grand Wholeness Of Life In Freedom And Bliss extending infinitely.

I can’t emphasize that enough. It is the crucial difference between this discovery and all the other “spiritual” teachings out there. That is – It’s NOT a dissociated altered state, but pure freedom and ecstatic radiant bliss right IN your bodily sensations, as well as IN your emotions and IN every other possible experience. TANGIBLY!! YOU SENSE ALL THIS AND FEEL IT!! Making for pure freedom and bliss radiance totally and fully in real life in the real world!

That is why this is ultimate freedom and happiness. Because the freedom of pure silence and emptiness and the ecstatic happiness of radiant bliss are right in there where we all live in real life, where we really feel life (body, emotions, feelings, self), and not some kind of altered state that takes us out of life. This actually takes us more into life – more engaged, more connected, happier freer flow of feelings with other people, etc. etc. – but in pure freedom and greater integration into wholeness, so that we start to live beyond all  the bounds of the old lower level of functioning – beyond the bounds of even what people have called enlightenment or “awakening” (which are just altered states of the lower level.) (I’ll be going into more details of this when I make the announcement of the new program.)

What this is is the ultimate full complete total realization of the Bliss Of Peace! I used to bring people to the Bliss Of Peace as an inner realization. Now it is in everything, totally and tangibly!

I’ll be providing free inductions into this soon, as well as advanced premium personal guidance into it, for the deepest realization and the quickest route there. I’ll be announcing that here soon.

The discovery of this is about releasing the “self-contraction” deep in the unconscious physiology of the brain and nervous system, that creates recoil from the fullness of Life. Releasing this at its most fundamental deep psychological, emotional and physiological level. This release is what makes all the difference in the world, beyond any other lesser releases. Others have talked about it but never really achieved a true release from it and have not known how to get that for other people.

I will make this available as soon as it comes through clearly and I am sure I know how to effectively impart it to you. This should be very soon. Days or weeks, not months.

But I need some help from you. I am in a big financial hole. I have a lot of credit card debt, very little savings left, my credit cards are nearly maxed out. I have no retirement, social security, job or other source of income. In other words, there is almost nothing left. I may not be able to pay for rent or food by next month.

The intensive research and development needed to reach the breakthrough has been my full-time occupation. This wouldn’t have been possible to achieve any other way. I have made the sacrifice to do this because the envisioned payoff was so great. And now it is almost here.

I have been uncompromising in not offering a new program until a true breakthrough came. This is because I only want to give you the very best. But this has kept me without any income for nearly two years. I hope you appreciate that I did not try to sell you something that was not the very best just to make some money. For me this work is a mission not a business to make money.

If you have ever received help that you value from me, or if you see the value in what I am visioning here, please see if you can find it in your heart to help me make it through financially until the breakthrough comes. Please consider leaving a donation via PayPal or credit card below. I thank you sincerely for your help and support in my time of need now.

And I assure you that what I will be able to provide to you very soon, if I can make it through financially now, will pay you back great multiples of times over. You will be very pleased, and your life will be enhanced beyond your wildest dreams – WAY beyond anything I have been able to provide before. What came before was exceptionally good and brought inner bliss and freedom to many people, but what is coming will be wildly and explosively wonderful in every way in both inner and outer life. I am already experiencing it now, and will be able to pass it on to you very soon.

(And I will be providing as much as I possible can of this through free induction recordings, as I have already been doing. Please see the Inductions page for a vast library of good  vibes that are already bringing people to new heights of experience. There will be MUCH more of this in the near future, on this new advanced level that is breaking through now. Plus one-on-one intensive guidance programs that will get you to the great free-ness and the expansive bliss very quickly and permanently.)

Part of the new level of teaching will be showing you how to prosper in your life by giving, and how to create a giving economy (versus a getting economy) in your life and in the world, which prospers everyone and makes life a happiness rather than a struggle. For now, what I want to say is that I have started a program of vast giving on this site (on the Inductions page.) Giving is the most effective means of opening up to the flow of more life in every way. That is what I am finding in real life by doing this.

If you are moved to do so, your giving now to help me bring this breakthrough out to you and give it to you, will be a great blessing to you, a great opening toward and into the bliss  and freedom that is coming to you in this now and fully very soon.

Please help if you can.

Thanks for your friendship and support,



My heartfelt thanks to the following angels of help who have contributed so far to my bringing this work to fruition and bringing it out to all of you:

Marie Durmanich
Luis Salaberria
George Kao
Thomas Valmadre
Robert Dennis
Jack S.
Kiri Brennan
David Stein
Drew Van Zandt
Matt W.
Enoch Abraham
Gary McCabe
Peter Bernart
Mark Goddard
Hamilton Smith
Mark Jakier
Plamen Karagyozov
Name withheld by request
Simon Lee
Christoffer Sørensen
Name withheld by request


The Vision For Everyone

What’s Really Meant To Be – Life Beyond All Limitations!

Infinite Unbounded Transcendent Freedom

Infinite Unbounded Radiant Ecstatic Bliss

Higher Developmental Level Of Self-Actualization

All This

Done For You


Inner Vibrational Activations

And Adjustments

For Free Introductory Inductions Into This –> Click Here


Real Whole Being Enlightenment

Is NOT A Quieting Down

But A Huge Wild Crazy “TURN-ON” Of


(A Permanent Explosive Natural High: Whole-Brain Bliss-Explosion)

It is full-time permanent uncontrolled uncontrollable wild run-wild giddy crazy bursting gushing overflowing explosive exploding boundary-shattering limitations-shattering mind-self-control-shattering form-structure-world-shattering infinite unbounded out-of-all-bounds unlimited transcendent bliss-pleasure ecstatic happiness that totally bursts the bubble of the boxed-in life that all of us are traumatized into and conditioned into right from the womb!!!

ALL Meditation Practices Actually SUPPRESS This! (They try to quiet down – suppress – your old conditioning rather than exploding it into Unbounded Transcendent Pure Awareness – which is the only true deep peace and the only real deep quietness.)

ALL “Spiritual” Practices Detach You From This (From Life – The Current And Flow Of This – In The Body Physiology, NOT Out of the Body Or Out Of Life and the Natural Pleasure Of Life-Flow)!

I’ve Developed The Bliss Of Peace Activation And Healing-Adjustment As The Result Of Over 45 Years Exploration, Research And Experimentation, Both In Myself And With Students

It Gives You Real “Uncontrollable Giddy Happiness” Awakening That Totally Bursts The Bubble Of All Past Trauma, Conditioning, Suffering And Limitations


Gives You The Only Real And True Inner Peace That Comes Only From A Bliss-Activated And Bliss-Awakened Brain (NOT From A Meditation-Suppressed Brain!)

Deep Primal Emotional And Physiological Trauma In Your Brain And Nervous System (Which All Of Us Have) Is What Keeps You From Spontaneously Living This Natural High. That Has To Be Healed. NO Practice Can Do That. No Effort On Your Part Can Do That. All Meditation Practices Actually Just Suppress That. All “Spiritual” Practices Actually Just Detach You From That – Don’t Address That Or Heal It. It Takes Very Skillful Outside Intervention To Actually Turn That Around.

“Done For You” Program Coming Soon

(Activation And Inner Healing-Adjustment)

(Sign up at top right be be notified when this comes out, and the details of this.)


Are You A Mature, Reality-Oriented Person Who Wants BOTH Higher Expanded Consciousness AND The Furthest Reaches of Human Potential/Personal Development, Fully Integrated Into Ordinary Everyday Living?

- Meaning -

(“Enlightenment” Or “Awakening”)


(reaching your full individual human potential)

Not Either/Or

200 Per Cent Of Life!!!!

Then Living In Bliss May Be What You’re Looking For


Are You Sick And Tired Of All The Years Of Practices That Go Nowhere, All The Guru Pretenses And Manipulations, All The Airy-Fairy New Age Crapola, All The “Non-dualist” Double Talk, All The Hoping And Dreaming But Never Arriving?

Then Living In Bliss May Be What You’re Looking For



(Full Delivery Program Coming Soon)

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Living In Bliss is:






(Not just bliss in consciousness or in subtle vibrations, but deep-down juicy delicious ecstatic bodily sensual bliss endlessly streaming through your whole body, head to foot and deep inside, as well.)

The Result of this is:

1. Fulfills the essence of ALL hopes and desires – bodily, emotionally, full-feelingly!

(i.e. Besides being totally fulfilling itself, the experience of ecstatic bodily pleasure is what we really want in everything we want, that getting what we want never fully gives us – and we get to have that all the time in all our experiences, not just in those we feel we want.)

2. Wipes Out ALL suffering, limitations and struggles at their root (experiential pain.)

(i.e. Ecstatic bodily pleasure is the experience of the clear open expansive flow of Life that powerfully and totally counteracts the contraction away from life [bodily pain] that characterizes experiences of suffering, limitation and struggle.)

3. Frees you up for the supreme fulfillment of living your true Self fully in the flow of Life.

(i.e. Ecstatic bodily pleasure opens up the clear open expansive flow of Life, and that lets the deep-feeling blissful shining radiance of Life that is who you really are deep down inside come through, that was suppressed by suffering, limitation and struggle.)

Click HERE Right Now To Get A Taste Of Living In Bliss

(Direct Inductions Into It)

Living In Bliss Is

“The Garden Of Eden”

Where We All Really Belong.

Everything Else – Pain, Suffering, Struggle, Work, Etc. – Is Nothing But Life Without This,

It Is The”Fall From Grace”/Expulsion From Paradise, And Disappears When You Are Living In Bliss.

Living In Bliss Is

“Getting Back To The Garden!”

This Entire Realization Done FOR You

Vibrationally Into Your Body Physiology

Through Direct Transmissions

And Precision Inner Adjustments

(No-one can do this for themselves. Living In Bliss is easy effortless NON-doing, and you can’t get to non-doing by any DOING!!)

Here’s what a student of mine wrote about this new level of experience:

Last night I woke up about 3 AM and I had this strong physical release and felt such incredible comfort and ease. I wrote, “Everyone is just trying to feel this wonderful level of ease and comfort, nothing at all to do with philosophic trappings and esoterica; at the core physical level everyone has been searching to feel this way. No techniques, no exercise program, no diets. Your mind and body radiate and hum.

It’s Being that way ! Not a doing ! You want everyone to feel this way. There would be a natural caring and nurturing for one another. No one would have an interest in war, brutality in any sphere. A billion dollars can’t buy you this. You really want to just see everyone happy and ride the wave of what intuitively your led to do next.

Background Information

The root cause of all pain, suffering, conflict, struggle, violence and problems in life is being cut off from the continuous and unbounded ecstatic sensual bodily pleasure that is the essential nature of Life itself. And this happens inevitably through the process of becoming a separate individual, and so it can’t be avoided. What is needed is a new stage of development that goes to a new level beyond that separation.

All religions, philosophies and “spiritual” teachings have completely missed this. I have found this through over 40 years of methodical scientific inner exploration. I have also found how to correct it at the most fundamental and universal level, through very sophisticated direct subtle vibrational adjustments of your most basic psychological and physiological programming.

(I used to call this the Bliss Of Peace, and then Free-Beingness Awakening. This is a new level and a new dimension of those. Everything else on this site still applies. But THIS is what gets the realization full and complete. It is also what clearly distinguishes it from New Age emotional mood-making (the “pure joy” etc. lollipops being sold by all the pop-psychology fruit-loops.)

It is what also clearly distinguishes it from all the mysticism of so-called “spiritual awakening.” All that is nothing more than various kinds of openings in consciousness. Consciousness itself is just a fragmented and split-off aspect of total holistic experiencing, apart from the whole self and the whole being in the whole BODY! And therefore a “spiritual awakening” is just a fragmented experience in a fragmented, dissociated consciousness…basically just a flashy experience that has no real value.)

Living In Bliss Awakening Is:





The Actual Experience Of Living In Bliss Is:

Feeling As Light And Free As Pure Transcendent Emptiness In Your Whole Being (Body, Mind, Emotions, Self, All At Once.)

Not Just Free, But THAT Free!!


No Gurus, No New Beliefs, No Dependency, No Do’s Or Don’t’s, No Kooky Philosophy

There Isn’t Even A Practice (because practices don’t work and are actually counterproductive, taking you away from the pure spontaneity of real and ultimate freedom.)





Is When Infinite Unbounded Transcendent Silent Empty And Still Awareness

(which is the deepest deep inner peace and the absolute freedom of unbounded awareness – the previously hidden baseline of ALL your experiencing, deep in your brain and nervous system),

Comes Out To Permeate And Dominate Your Whole Being (Everything In Your Experience.)

(It’s ULTIMATE Because It Includes Your Whole Being ->> EVERYTHING!)

(This is a deeper and higher level of brain/nervous system functioning, NOT an other-worldly mystical or spiritual attainment only for the “holy” or the “evolved.”)

Living In Bliss, At Its Most Basic Stage When It Is Just Beginning To Unfold In You, Is When You Are Living In Constant Deep Inner Peace While Feeling More Expansively Happy, Joyful, Alive, Open, Free And Spontaneous

Living In Bliss, Ultimately, As You Unfold More Fully In It, Is Continual Ecstatic-Bliss-Radiant “Peak-State” “Flow” Experiencing In Absolute Unbounded Silent Empty And Still Awareness (the “absolute freedom” experience) Fully Integrated Into Ordinary Everyday Life

What You’ll Feel:

Deep Quiet All The Time

Quiet Peaceful Ecstatic-Bliss-Radiance In Your Whole Being

Pure Joy In Action


Unbounded Expansive Freedom In All Circumstances


The Premium Elite Guidance Program Is

Silent Inductions And Internal Adjustments To Realize Living In Bliss Transmitted Directly To You

With Ongoing One-On-One Personal Guidance And Coaching For Fully Integrating It Into Your Everyday Life

Personal attention so focused on your own unique individual needs that most people will get solidly and lastingly into the flow of Living In Bliss in 3 months or less.

My best students – the ones who get Living In Bliss fully and deeply very quickly – are people who somehow resonate with this right away, who just FEEL it. Look and feel through this site, and if you get that kind of feel – that this really “clicks” for you – then this is probably just right for you. Make an appointment to talk with me about it to find out for sure. I’ll help you with that. I have nothing to sell. All I want is for you to find out what is best for YOU. But please don’t let this pass you by if it really resonates with you.

Talk To Me

Let’s talk about this if you’re really interested. Let me know what you think and feel. I love hearing from people who are interested in this. I also would love to talk with you and get to know you. Just email me or email me to set up an appointment to talk on the phone about your interests, needs, desires, questions, whatever, in relation to this.

Go here to contact me.

Living In Bliss


Real Freedom In Real Life

Tangible Boundless Total Freedom

(Transcendent Silent Empty And Still Awareness Completely And Totally In Your Whole Body, Whole Self And Whole World)

With Spontaneous Free-Spirited Free-Flow Living In Ordinary Everyday Life As An Unplanned, Uncontrived Natural Result

Living In Bliss Is

Both Of These Together

As One Seamless Dynamic Integral Whole

A Completely New Level Of Existence And Living Inconceivable From Lower Levels. Even What People Call “Enlightenment” Is A Lower Level Compared To This – Not Truly Free In All Aspects Of Existence.

Living In Bliss Is

Spontaneous Flow Living In True And Total Freedom

You Get Immediate Results

You have the full inner realization and outer integration in your first few sessions. After that you gradually transition into the higher level of functioning that comes with it. So, after your first session I give you steady follow-up. Follow-up consists of as many sessions as you need in order to access the Living In Bliss experience on your own easily and without effort. Then the transition flows smoothly and easily. I also give you specific help, as needed, in fully making that transition.

Is This Enlightenment?

You might say that. But Living In Bliss goes way beyond what some people have called enlightenment or “spiritual awakening.” That would merely be awakening to the Bliss Of Peace deep inside you. Living In Bliss is that – profoundly and clearly – but also fully and tangibly experiencing that in every aspect of your outer experience of your body, mind, emotions, self and world.

And – even beyond that – this expansion in your outer experience takes you to a totally new, higher level of spontaneous free-flow creative functioning in all aspects of your living. This gives you experiences, powers and abilities that are way beyond what is generally thought possible, even in enlightenment.

My guidance doesn’t just raise your consciousness. It totally transforms your whole life and your whole world.

Living In Bliss is also less than enlightenment, because there is no pretense to any kind of specialness. Your realization is integrated into ordinariness from the very beginning, and all along the way. It is a higher level of functioning in all areas of your life, but you simply get used to it, and live it in and as your normal existence.

A New Level Of Living

And so, Living In Bliss is about the realization of Deep Quietness And Stillness (the Bliss Of Peace) and about tremendous expansion in your outer life and in your functioning in the world. You might call it “integrated, embodied enlightenment.” What it really is, though, is an entirely new, higher developmental level along the normal continuum of infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is a new step beyond these, in all phases and levels of living.

That is where my guidance takes you. Not to some exalted other-worldly state of enlightened specialness (which is, in fact, a delusion – this just doesn’t exist!!), but to a normal progression in normal development. It is grand, in that that new level gives you entirely new abilities, experiences, sense of self and of life. But this is true for all developmental levels that we all go through. You don’t become a saint, hero, guru or exalted swami. You become a normal human being living a normal life on a much higher plane.

Integrated Into Ordinariness

In fact, you become less special, because the old ego-based compulsion to prove yourself goes away. Part of what happens in Living In Bliss is that life becomes a lot easier, with a lot less striving in all areas. Your old self-concerns go away, and you are not focused on yourself – because you function so much better in all areas of life that you don’t need any self-concern. And therefore, you certainly don’t need to be special. You live free beyond all that.

There is no “spiritual” ideal (or any other) to live up to! This is about freedom. Your own freedom in your own, free, unique, individual way! And you get to live that freedom, not in the prison of a thought.

Your realization of the Bliss Of Peace is integrated into ordinariness – and you just live it, free as a bird, from everything, in everything.

No Gurus

Of course, then, I am not special in any way either. I am just someone who knows Living In Bliss myself from personal realization (which, remember, is just ordinary life) and also knows all the ins and outs of conveying it to you through an advanced, very sophisticated method and personal one-on-one interaction. I am not a guru, just a helper on the same level as you are, relating to you just where you are. Once you are living Living In Bliss I won’t be useful to you at all, and you will live it forever on your own.

Why My Guidance Is So Effective

My guidance is a very specific, detailed process with a very clear aim. I adapt it in the moment to your unique individuality and needs, so that I am actually inventing a whole new approach just for you. The process is very subtle, involving both direct experiencing and important realizations in your understanding. I take you by the hand every step of the way through whatever it takes to get you there.

The reason this works so well is:

1. Because of the expert, knowledgeable, caring, personal attention that I give to your unique individuality and needs all the way through the guidance process.

2. Because of the highly focused dynamic interaction that I guide you into, with the minute details of your unique personal experiences and your deepest patterns.

3. Because I do all the work, gently easing you into the realization so that no effort or trying arises from your conscious mind or ego to interfere with the innocence and subtlety of the process.

4. Because I am in the place that I am guiding you into, and welcome you into it by a kind of transmitted resonance and entrainment. This is like dancing with someone who gives you the “feel” of it so that you just start flowing with it rather than trying to get it.

5. Because I know all the subtle in’s and out’s of the process of getting you there, from my long, deep personal experience. Just as importantly, I know all the big and small ways that you can miss the mark, and how to get you back on track. It is like hitting a bullseye, and I know exactly where that is and how to get you to hit it too.

6. Because all of this is totally experiential, i.e. focused on your direct, immediate, on-going, moment-to-moment experience, and not on theories, thoughts, imagination, beliefs, philosophies or the like – taking you to the deepest levels of your being, activating and awakening you there, and then bringing this out into your real, everyday life.

7. Because the method I use to convey this to you is itself operating on the higher level of functioning that is Living In Bliss. This method is based on decades of research into very high level experiential transformation practices (see the right sidebar called Background.) All other methods – even those from truly “enlightened” masters – operate from lower levels and therefore tend to keep you at these lower levels. Living the higher level doesn’t automatically give you the ability to convey it to others. That takes a specific higher-level skill – the skill I have developed into my Free-Beingness guidance.

8. Because the utter simplicity of my method gets you there in a one-time leap, not by a gradual process. This is the only way to get to Living In Bliss because it is a level that is totally discontinuous with the former level. A gradual process can’t make that jump. I have made a thorough and systematic research project into finding this method, since 1970, and have only recently found the direct, immediate simplicity of method that is needed for a quick jump like this. It is not a simplification which leaves things out, but the simple essence of a vast complexity, discovered and refined over all these years.

Why You Need Expert Guidance

These are crucial and essential elements of what it takes to effectively and fully open into Living In Bliss. No generalized or gradual method (techniques, practices or formulae), like meditation, “mindfulness,” yoga, self-inquiry, changing thoughts and beliefs, “raising your vibration,” being in the “now,” devotion, group dynamics, or following some teaching, teacher or guru, has these. Therefore, none of these traditional means can ever get you there.

Living In Bliss is a level of integrated living “beyond enlightenment.” Getting to this high level of integration involves a deep and thorough transformation of your unique individuality and your totally unique way of structuring your experiences and actions. No generalized method can ever accomplish this, because what is needed is deeply and uniquely personal – a way into realization made just for you, right where you live, and in the present moment of your living. It is as simple as that.

Only expert, one-on-one personal guidance that has the above essential components can really and truly get you there. My guidance has these, and I help you get there quickly and easily.

Important: The other reason you need expert, sensitive, sophisticated guidance is because getting the actual realization experience is like hitting a bullseye from across a football field. I have found the utter simplicity of how to convey realization to you, and this is how you experience it. But it is not simple to convey. If you get it right, you go right through the gate, so to speak, into Living In Bliss. If you don’t, because of the territory we are working in (the depths of self), you could go into worlds of pain (from your old unconscious patterns.) I know how to get you through exactly and precisely, without any pain. You can’t do this without expert and continuing guidance.

(My guidance consists of a short series of induction sessions. These are followed by continuing guidance and sessions to check your experience. These sessions are usually on the phone.)

This Is Entirely New And Unique

I have originated all of this. It is not a synthesis of other practices or teachings. It does not come from any tradition, teaching, book, guru or revelation from on high, but from decades of searching, research, experimentation and experience. It is completely unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

It is not like meditation, yoga, devotion, subtle energy work, or anything currently taught by anyone (which are all examples of methods using lower-level functioning, which therefore tend to keep you on that lower level of functioning in spite of their lofty aims.) I know this because I have either tried or looked into all of these. And my students tell me the same thing. There is truly nothing else like what I am offering you here. You will find this out tangibly, fully and completely in your first guidance session with me, when you have the full Living In Bliss realization.

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